Registered Angus Cows, Heifers & Bulls

Sunrise Sunset Farm was established in 1996 as a Registered Angus operation, our family has pursued the goal of breeding quality Angus cattle that will perform in the show ring, a breeding operation or the feedlot.

Although the show ring is a great marketing tool for young stock, it is the long term usefulness of the cattle that we produce that is the most important part of our program. We realize the percentage of an animal’s life that will be spent being exhibited is small compared to the number of years that it will be required to be a working, beef-producing bull or cow. We strive to breed the type of cattle that will continue on to make a positive contribution to our customer’s herds.

Through the careful selection of foundation females, that are bred to top AI sires and bulls we have established a small herd of high quality cattle. We offer spring born heifer calves and bred heifers in Cates Farms, Star Search Sale held on Labor Day weekend and fall born calves, embryos, and semen in our online spring sale.